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Day 6

More Surprises

storm 25 °C

In the morning Sharon and Neil came upstairs to our apartment to chat about what to do for the day. At that point Sharon let slip to Dad that our very good friends Randy and Kim would be arriving later that day....arghhhhh.

Our plan had been to go lobster fishing with Chris the apartment owner but a particularly bad storm forced us to abort the plan and to be honest, any other plans we had for the day.

We went to Sharon and Neil's apartment and put together what turned out to be a very tasty buffet lunch. We had just finished lunch when there was a knock at the door and a completely soaked Randy was standing there looking like he had entered a wet t-shirt competition!

Due to the wind and rain we stayed put for the rest of the afternoon just enjoying catching up snd chatting over drinks and snacks.

In the evening the weather turned even more nasty so we decided to order some pizzas from 'Four Ways' and they delivered them to our apartment. The evening was spent catching up and enjoying time with our good friends.

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Day 5

Big Surprises

sunny 28 °C

After breakfast Grant and I decided to head out and find a snorkel spot. Our scooter's fuel gauge wasn't working so we took a trip to Oleander at the dockyard where they swapped our bike for a different one.

We then headed down to the old 9 Beaches resort/Daniel's Head resort and found a calm desserted spot. We found plenty of pretty coral and our highlights were a porcupine fish and a green moray eel. The secluded spot was ideal for a spot of sunbathing to dry off after our snorkel. When we got back to our apartment, we suspected that Dad hadn't moved very far as he was addicted to his book!

We prepared some veggie burgers on the grill for lunch and then Grant and I headed out on the scooter to the supermarket in search of some goodies for the evening.

So along with the surprise trip to Bermuda for Dad's birthday, we have also been hiding another massive surprise from him.....our close friends from South Carolina (Sharon and Neil) were arriving at 3pm this afternoon and have booked an apartment just below us! Oh how to tell Dad.......

Well at 6pm we tell Dad that we are going to order a take away pizza for dinner. At 6:30pm someone knocks at the front door of our apartment, who can it be? Not in Dad's wildest dreams would he expect to see our friends standing at the door so he tries to give Neil the cash for the non-existent pizza! When he finally realises who it is standing in front of him for once, Dad is truly speachless.


A lovely evening of food, drink and chat....not bad considering Sharon and Neil have been up half the night catching a flight to Bermuda via New York.

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Day 4

Getting out and about

sunny 28 °C

After breakfast we quickly got ready and took the bus over to Hamilton. We took in views of the south shore beaches so it made for an enjoyable journey. Once at the bus depot we caught another bus over to Flatts village. We had a great time at the Aquarium easily spending a couple of hours looking at the well laid out exhibits and animals. The location over Harrington Sound really is super and we were lucky as the sun never stopped shining.


We then caught a bus to an island tradition - The Swizzle Inn. Dad and Grant both had fish sandwiches and I had a veggie burger. The size of the dishes when they arrived meant that dinner was definitely out that evening. Thank goodness we never ordered a starter!


The food was tasty and somehow we kept just a little bit of space to enjoy an ice-cream over the road at Bailey's ice-cream shop. Dad ordered a very tasty rum and raisin child's portion tub and Grant and I shared a coconut flavour tub.....yum!

We caught a bus back to Hamilton and had a quick look at he shops and then we caught the 4:10pm commuter ferry back to Watford Bridge.

We relaxed for a couple of hours and then Grant gave Dad a lift to the Naval Dockyard on the scooter. It was the first time in nearly 60 years that Dad had been on a motorbike so we were a little anxious. As it happened Dad was actually looking forward to reliving the memories and loved the journey there. Grant then came back for me and we rode together to meet Dad at the dockyard.

The dockyard was really quiet and we went to the Frog and Onion again and ordered some drinks and a plate of nachos to share. Grant took it in turns to drop us off on the way back and we all enjoyed a nightcap of Bailey's in front of the TV.

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Day 3

The Dockyard

semi-overcast 27 °C

I think Dad could get used to a cooked breakfast! Again he was treated to scrambled eggs and bacon as we all enjoyed a tasty, hearty breakfast. As forecast, the weather was a bit overcast but still lovely and warm.

We headed down the hill to the local Somerset post office o arrange travel passes for the rest of our stay. It actually worked out better value to purchase montly ones...if only!

We then caught the bus to the Naval Dockyard and took the short journey there. As there were no cruise ships in the dock, it was fairly quiet when we got there. We enjoyed looking around the shops and especially the local craftsmen at work. The glassblowing was really interesting to watch and there was some excellent local artwork available to purchase.


We had some bar snacks (delicious onion rings and mac 'n' cheese balls) at the Frog and Onion pub. We then headed back to the frozen yogurt shop to introduce Dad to the delights of a frozen mango yogurt.

We caught the bus back to our apartment and while Dad chilled out on the balcony, Grant and I headed to the supermarket to stock up on food. It's always such fun looking at the different goodies to buy overseas and as usual, we enjoyed selecting some things we can't buy back in the UK.

When we returned back to the apartment we quickly got changed and caught the 6pm commuter ferry over to Hamilton. We had a delicious Japanese meal in 'Pearl' where the cocktails and food were all superb. Dad has a raspberry based cocktail which was delicious and our sushi was excellent.

We decided to get coffees and a coconut cream pie in Flannigans bar just along the street. Even though there was a bit of rain we managed to sit outside under a canopy and enjoy the views from the terrace.

We caught the 9:20 bus back to our apartment and as the bus driver obviously wanted to get home quickly too, it seemed to take no time at all!

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Day 2

The Local Area

sunny 28 °C

We awoke to a sunshine filled Sunday morning and we realised just how beautifully situated our apartment is. After a delicious cooked breakfast, Grant and I walked about 2.5 miles from Watford Bridge to the Naval Dockyard. The sun was beating down so we decided to treat ourselves to a frozen yogurt at BermyBerry. We then sorted out our scooter rental for the whole duration of our holiday at Oleander.

Once back at the apartment we decided to go for lunch locally to the Somerset Country Squire. We all had wahoo is one form or another and enjoyed sitting on the terrace enjoying the slow pace.

After lunch we went for a walk in the local area which somehow seemed to get extended.....we took in beaches, churches, a nature trail and the railway footpath and happily chatted to the friendly locals en route.



When we got back, Dad got his feet up while Grant and I took the scooter out in search of some snacks for dinner. After a while we realised that our best option was a shop attached o a petrol station!

All of us fell asleep in front of the TV after a great day of exploration.

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